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Select one of our land properties, and complete the checkout form to make fill out basic information and make payment through owner financing or pay fully in cash.

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We will then prepare a land purchase agreement for your review. Sign and return. This process is simple and easy. Given terms, once completed, it is your asset.

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We'll begin the closing process either in-house or through a third party like a title company to complete the land sale. Land makes it easy for you to own and for cheap.

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Seller Financing or Pay Cash Price?

Seller Financing:

This would be the price you would pay to have the option to finance and stretch out your payments instead of lump sum one-time payment. A typical term period for seller financing would be 60 months. Once you finish paying the term period, we start the deed transfer process.

Cash Payment:

If you wanted to own the property outright today, You would pay one-time for the property to be yours. You can just click the "Purchase Now" option to purchase the property. Once we receive payment, we close on the property and transfer deed ownership to you.

Meet the Owner

Times are uncertain. Things like increasing lumber prices, real estate prices, inflation, and stagnant salaries have made it nearly IMPOSSIBLE for entry-level investors and first-time homebuyers to get into the market! At Discount Land Investing, LLC., we seek to empower investors with access to a network of the most inexpensive AND quality pieces of property across the continental US.